4 Reasons to Serve Croissants at Your Upcoming Brunch

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4 Reasons to Serve Croissants at Your Upcoming Brunch

26 October 2017
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If you are thinking about hosting a brunch for your family members and friends, you could be wondering about the perfect items to serve. Of course, there are tons of great items that you can add to your brunch menu, but one good option is to consider serving croissants. These are a few reasons why.

1. They're a Little Luxurious

Even though you and your guests might eat things like toast or oatmeal on a daily basis, you might not eat croissants very often. A lot of people enjoy serving croissants at special brunches because they are something that a lot of people do not eat on a daily basis. This is a nice way to make your brunch a little more special and elegant.

2. They Can Be Eaten in Many Different Ways

When you are choosing foods to serve at your brunch, you probably want to choose items that all of your guests will enjoy. One good option that might be universally liked among all of your guests is croissants. This is because they can be eaten in many different ways. Many people who prefer savory foods for breakfast still enjoy croissants that are eaten with butter, since they aren't sweet like a lot of baked goods. If you offer a nice selection of flavored jellies and jams, however, those who prefer a sweet breakfast can get their "fix" as well.

3. You Can Easily Pick Them Up from a Bakery

Even though you might be planning on making a lot of the dishes for your brunch yourself, you could be looking for a few easy items as well. If you shop at a local bakery, you can pick up fresh croissants to serve at your brunch. This can help you check one of the items for your menu off of your list without having to worry about making it yourself, which can help take some of the stress off of you.

4. They're Great for Mingling

Unlike many popular brunch foods, croissants are great for events in which people will be mixing and mingling. If you serve your croissants with plenty of napkins, your guests should be able to enjoy them while walking around and chatting with others who are in attendance. This is a good way to make things easy for all of your guests and to encourage them to want to mix and mingle with one another.

As you can see, if you are planning an upcoming brunch and haven't yet thought about serving croissants, this may be something that you'll want to consider. These are just a few reasons why croissants are a great choice for just about any brunch.