Newbie Knowledge: 4 Essential Supplies For A Bake Shop Owner

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Newbie Knowledge: 4 Essential Supplies For A Bake Shop Owner

6 October 2017
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If you are new at bake shop operation, you need to familiarize yourself with a few of the essential supplies and pieces of equipment you'll need to have in your shop. While you may already have the basics on hand, such as bread proofing equipment, ovens and bread slicers, there are several other types of supplies and equipment you may need. Here are just a few of the commonly used supplies you will probably be using in your bakery:

1. Commercial Bakery Dough Mixers

You'll use these mixers to mix up fresh dough used for baked cookies, pastries and breads. You have an option of choosing the full sized standing floor dough mixers or the counter top style. Obviously, if your floor space is limited, you'll want to opt for the counter top model. Conversely, if you have limited counter space, a free standing floor model might be more suitable.

Check the capacity of the mixer, and look for various speed controls. Simple bush-button operation will make your tasks easier, as will an automatic timer. Many dough mixers also come equipped with accessories, such as the stainless steel mixing bowl, beater, wire whip and dough hook. Attachments may also be available upon request.

2. Sheet Pan Racks

Another essential for any bakery, the pan racks will hold pans of freshly baked rolls and breads. These racks are on wheels, making them convenient for easy transport. The casters often have brakes for safety. Typically, you will find sheet pan racks hold anywhere from 20-40 racks. You should check the load capacity of the racks you choose, which is often measured by weight load.

3. Mobile Ingredient Storage Bins

If you bake with ingredients such as sesame and poppy seeds, chocolate morsels, sugar, flour and more, the mobile ingredient storage bins are a must-have. They are made of a durable plastic, and include caster wheels for mobility. A sliding lid helps prevent contamination. These bins hold a capacity of up to several gallons for storage.

4. Pest Control Bug Zapper Unit

If you work in a bakery, you probably are aware that pests can be an issue. Flying insects and fruit flies are a common problem when baked goods are present. To keep this problem under control, you should consider installing a stainless steel insect trap bug zapper on the wall. These units can zap and kill insects within a radius of up to a few thousand feet.

A bug zapping unit will utilize UV light bulbs and come equipped with a removable tray. The removable tray allows you to discard dead insects easily. For best results, you should keep these bug zappers installed in cooking and holding areas. For more advice, contact a local bakery.